Ample Trophy Game

35% Colour Phased Bears & Much More to Discover!

Bear Hunting

Our exclusive outfitting area covers over 350,000 acres of hunting territory of forest, dense bush, and beautiful remote wilderness. In the midst of the Pasquia Hills, a part of our hunting area borders the Wildcat Hills Wilderness Area which is a huge reservoir of quality trophy game. Our area allows us to have total access to hunt without the presence and pressure of other outfitters which makes your hunt more enjoyable with a higher rate of success!

Many Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett trophies are regularly taken from this area. There are Black Bears here that reach up to 600 lbs and we have an unprecedented 35% colour phase!

Each of our Black Bear hunters has ample opportunity to see several different color phase bears, such as blonde, cinnamon and chocolate as well as different shades of black, and even multi-colored bears! You may harvest a color-phased bear or one with a white chevron patch or other shapes and colors. Every year our camp commonly takes a few bruins or two weighing over 500 lbs!

We have both Spring (usually May) and Fall (usually September) seasons. Our bear hunts take place over baits many of which have been established for 30 years or more! We start baiting diligently at least one month prior to the season and keep the baits full of high quality feed or sweet stuff and we ensure our baits are active during the hunting season.

The bears are very plentiful and our bear hunting area is one of the best in the province.

Harvest your very own trophy bear today!