Trophy Deer Hunts

White Tail Deer & Much More to Discover!

Deer Hunting

You will be hunting whitetails in November when the deer rut is in full swing. We take only 4 deer hunters per week, unless you have a larger group, which gives each hunter a greater opportunity to harvest a mature deer. The typical bodyweight of our deer is 220 plus lbs and the average antler score is 140 or more. In fact, our area has produced deer scoring 185 and higher!

Our deer hunters go out before daybreak and most will sit out all day – not wanting to lose the opportunity to get their trophy deer. Tree stands and blinds would be heated as needed.

We want to give you every possible opportunity for success and that is why we are considered one of the most professional and successful wilderness camps in Saskatchewan. Our high return clientele rate reflects the quality hunts that we offer.

Come and secure your very own trophy deer today!