Bears vs Deer

Taking a closer look at the big game in Saskatchewan

Embark on a journey into the untamed wilderness of northern Saskatchewan, a land that seems to stretch endlessly, where two majestic creatures, bears and deer, roam.

Each of these big game animals, with their unique charm and challenges, offers hunters thrilling pursuits amidst stunning natural landscapes. Let’s delve into the world of bear and deer hunting in Saskatchewan, exploring their distinct hunting techniques, habitats, and behaviours.

Deer Hunting in Saskatchewan

Deer hunting in Saskatchewan is a cherished tradition and a popular pursuit among hunters.

The province boasts a healthy white-tailed and mule deer population, offering ample opportunities for hunters to test their skills. With sprawling forests, expansive grasslands, and picturesque river valleys, Saskatchewan provides an ideal habitat for thriving deer.

Hunters employ various techniques when pursuing deer, including spot-and-stalk, still hunting, and stand hunting. These methods require not just patience and stealth, but also a high level of skill and understanding of the deer’s behaviour.

Stand hunting, for instance, involves waiting in a concealed location, such as a tree stand or ground blind, for deer to pass within shooting range, a technique that demands precision and timing.

During deer season, hunters eagerly await the opportunity to bag a trophy buck, with antler size being a prized indicator of success.

Saskatchewan’s record book boasts impressive entries of trophy deer harvested by skilled hunters, showcasing the abundance of quality game in the region.

Bear Hunting in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is renowned for its robust population of black bears, including the coveted trophy black bear and color-phase bears. These majestic creatures inhabit the dense forests and rugged terrain of the northern wilderness, presenting a thrilling challenge for bear hunters. 

One of the most popular methods of bear hunting in Saskatchewan is archery. This method requires precision, patience, and skill, as hunters must close the distance to their quarry for a clean shot. Whether from a ground blind or tree stand, archery hunters wait for the perfect opportunity to draw their bow and release an arrow with deadly accuracy.

Color-phase bears, including cinnamon, chocolate, and blonde variations, add a fascinating twist to bear hunting in Saskatchewan. These rare colour variations, a sight to behold, attract hunters from far and wide, adding an element of mystery and excitement to the hunt.

Understanding bear behaviours and habits is essential for success when hunting bears. Bears are opportunistic feeders, often foraging for food in various habitats, including forests, meadows, and riverbanks. By scouting for signs such as tracks, scat, and feeding areas, hunters can increase their chances of encountering a bear.


Experience the thrill of hunting big game animals like bears and deer in Saskatchewan’s rugged wilderness.

Whether you’re stalking through the forest for a trophy buck or patiently waiting for a bear to appear, the challenges and rewards of hunting in this picturesque landscape are unparalleled.

Saskatchewan attracts hunters worldwide with its diverse habitats, abundant wildlife, and rich hunting traditions.

Whether you’re drawn to the stealth and precision of deer hunting or the excitement of pursuing bears, the northern wilderness of Saskatchewan offers an unforgettable experience for hunters of all skill levels.

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